My mission is to help you unlock and unleash your strengths to lead well and excel to the next level of your leadership journey.

Leveraging your unique strengths are key to your personal success. The value you add reflects the time you take away, for yourself, to invest in your own growth.

Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.

Overwhelmed? Driving faster and faster but no longer sure of the destination? Somewhere along the journey, you’ve picked up speed, gained some wins, but in the pressure to feverishly drive, you are running on empty and lost your own drive to develop yourself, let alone others?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to sharpen the saw and invest in your own growth as a leader so you can more effectively assist others, excel to the next level or feel confident in making a career transition.

About me

Hi, I'm Dr. Crystal Clay

I’ve spent over 20 years understanding leadership. Having been a Leadership Development Manager in the Financial Services industry in global organizations for several years and having coached hundreds of leaders in different countries, I can assure you that you are not alone.

Constant change, rapid fire pace of business demands, working with multiple generations, and competing priorities, can leave a leader depleted and neglecting the most important asset—you. Navigating complexity means thinking differently. That’s where a coach can help. I partner with leaders who could benefit from having a thinking partner.

To recognize and leverage your leadership potential is a gift to give yourself and those around you. I am here to partner with you in solving problems and overcoming obstacles to reach your goals and objectives. I am here to support you. I am extending the “Olive Branch” to help leaders like you who are game changers and are ready to change the game.

Crystal Clay
What Clients Say

A significant difference

Your work with my employee made a significant difference! After your coaching sessions with her, she did a 360 and completely reinvented herself, showed up differently at work and as a result received a long-awaited promotion this year. She is now confident and influencing internally and with her clients.


CEO, Insurance Company

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